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UEL Corporation is a leading company in editing processing technology for 3D polygon data.
In recent years, with the evolution of input / output devices such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, CT devices, and photogrammetry using drones, business improvement activities that utilize 3D measurement data are progressing.
UEL Corporation has utilized the polygon data editing technology accumulated through joint research with RIKEN to develop a software package (POLYGONALmeister). In particular, it has excellent performance for editing polygon data obtained from 3D measurement.
UEL Corporation supports customer’s business improvement activities through the provision of POLYGONALmeister.

Capitalizes on POLYGONALmeister in correction of invalid STL.
   “We had problem that we couldn’t open STL data, which was received from our
  client, with our company’s product CAD or CAM, so we used POLYGONALmeister
  to reduce the amount of data and clean it and, consequently, we could open it.”
  (from our customer)
   “It used to take 5 hours to repair STL for analysis, now it only takes 30 minutes by
  using POLYGONALmeister.”(from our customer)




  • Engineering
  • Human Body Shape
  • Terrain, Civil Engineering
  • Research



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